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Be P.Art! (training course)

1 septiembre, 2013 - 7 septiembre, 2013

Be P.Art! (4.3 Partnership Building Activity)


24 líderes juveniles de 10 países europeos se reunieron para construir un parternariado de artes escénicas europeo.  Los países invitados son: Bulgaria, Estonia, Italia, Polonia, Portugal, Rumania, Eslovenia, España, Suiza y Turkía.


Be P.Art! organised by FLUXLAB Association is a Partnership Building Activity of the
Youth in Action Program. Twenty youth workers coming from nine different European
countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland
and Turkey, belonging to cultural and youth associations or International Non-
Governmental Organizations, will gather together in the city of Torino (North-West of Italy)
from the 1st to the 7th of September 2013. All participants will learn how to create a good
Y.I.A. training project and to use Art and artistic techniques for their work with youth. The
aim of this meeting is therefore to create a valid partnership between the participating
groups, to train youth workers by using a short set of ideal training projects, created
through discussions and brainstormings, to analyse and share knowledge in the use of
artistic techniques (visual, sculpture, music and performing arts) in non formal education
practises and to create a network of associations interested in using and promoting them
in the frame of the Youth in Action Programme and other Youth Activities.

The Goals of the project were:
-Develop awareness of the intercultural dimension in the current socio-economic situation
the European
-Create a strong network of partners between the various participating organizations;
-Develop Creativity and Entrepreneurship of the participants in group work and in
multicultural environments within the Youth in Action Programme;
-To encourage the sharing of knowledge between plarticipants from different sociocultural contexts.
-Discuss, reflect and prepare a draft European training to be carried out in 2014, taking as
inspiration the design ideas made by the participants in this PBA.
-Encourage the sharing of different ways to use expressive techniques and artistic
practices in non-formal education, useful for their own personal baggage, and for the
activities of their associations, especially with young people in difficult situations or people
from disadvantaged backgrounds;
-Promote active citizenship and social integration of young people with fewer
opportunities (young people with disabilities, geographical disadvantage, social and
economic) through art.


1 septiembre, 2013
7 septiembre, 2013
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San Salvaro
Torino, Italy